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At our Echt facility three to five employees muck out, feed and exercise the horse, depending on the occupancy of our stables. If horses are stabled for several days, for example when they’re due to travel to the United States, we naturally turn them out on a regular basis. We use a mill, lunge them and put them in paddocks. Usually the horses are put in the mill once a day. We decide on additional exercise in close deliberation with the owner. Horses can even be ridden and trained in our vast indoor riding arena. Customers often seize this opportunity when their horse is in quarantine and they live fairly nearby. For the quarantine horses we have four grass paddocks with higher fencing and ample spacing between them. If the quarantine protocol allows it the horses may also be exercised here.

Horses washed

Longer-stay horses, such as those in quarantine, are washed. If necessary the farrier is asked to come. Our aim is to deliver the horses as sharply as possibly, preferably sharper than when we welcomed them at our facility.
Our facility holds a number of rooms allowing owners or grooms to stay with us. They are usually inhabited by people who are in transit with their horses.