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At Gelissen Horse Transport we never stand still. For sure you can take this literally considering our business but it also applies figuratively. The most recent development at our accommodation in Echt is the hardening of several places around the stable area, which were covered with fine gravel before. We have made this adjustment in the first place at the loading and unloading docks. Besides the mentioned hardening we have placed non slip rubber tiles over here at an area of 20 square meter where the horses are being loaded and unloaded.


Beside this we have laid bricks along the side of our long-stay stable through which we have a pavement over the full length of this stable. Bricks were also laid at the washing and grooming area of the EU stable and at the place where we store the horse manure.
Summarized we have now hardened all areas at our accommodation where we load and unload horses and materials and where liquids or manure are spilled. It speaks for itself that everything can be easier cleaned now and we can work more hygienically. During the Summer period we expect an even bigger advantage of these adjustments as dust can easily appear at all these places where we ride and walk a lot.

Fleet expansion

In total we have worked around two weeks at this project and we’re already looking forward to the next. The wishlist of expanding our in 2015 built accommodation contains among others an outdoor lunging circle, an outdoor riding arena and another loading dock for smaller horse trailers and trucks.
As mentioned we never stand still at Gelissen. This is even emphasized (literally) by the latest expansion of our green coloured fleet, which is expanded by a new model Scania S-series truck!