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In our short-stay stable for horses remaining in the EU we have 39 spacious boxes. The bedding consists of shavings because horses only stay here shortly and the boxes have to be cleaned afterwards. In one stable corridor we can remove the partition walls to turn two boxes into one. Prior to transport the horsebox is parked at the end of the stable corridor. The floor outside is somewhat lower, putting the horsebox’s ramp in an almost horizontal position. The horses cannot break out sideways, which encourages them to move towards the horsebox. This is all very helpful in case of young horses especially, which are usually quite inexperienced when it comes to travelling.

Spacious boxes

Our long-stay stable for horses that will be with us for more than 24 hours holds 45 boxes and can be separated into quarantine compartments if necessary. Washing areas and solariums are also part of this unit. The spacious boxes have small contact hatches in the partition walls allowing the horses to be in contact when this is desired. Many boxes also have outside hatches, so the horses can stick out their head. In the corner you’ll find a small, high hayrack. This leads to the horses eating the hay more slowly and prevents the hay from being spread through the box, which is often the case when the horse starts walking around in its new environment.

These stables are equipped with a conveyer belt for droppings that runs beneath all the boxes. The droppings are disposed of through a hatch in the box floor. This innovative system also works quite well for the separate compartments.