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We are fully licensed to handle every aspect of customs, regardless of the means of import or export or the destination of the horse. When we are asked to import a horse, whether it’s temporary or permanent, we need the horse’s details (a copy of the horse’s passport), the invoice and the GDB. The latter is a border-crossing document that states that the horse was given EU clearance by a veterinarian. We use all this information to fill out the necessary forms and send these to customs. Customs may request us to provide all the documents, so a copy of the passport, the invoice and the GDB, for inspection. A physical inspection of the horse on location is also possible, for example at the airport. This is not very common, but does happen every once in a while.

Our company handles import and export 24/7. When our employee Carin knows that an import or export is due, she doesn’t hesitate to set the alarm and take care of things from her home.