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Gelissen Horse Transport makes sure every horse acquires the health certificate required by the NVWA (Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority). When it comes to this certificate, there are two options for countries outside the EU, the so-called third countries. The first option is compulsory certification. In this case there is a clear certification agreement with the country of destination of the horse. These agreements are fixed and the certification takes form along these lines. The second option is third countries without any such agreement. In this case, when a certificate is not at hand, Gelissen Horse Transport develops one for this particular country in close consultation with the applicant and the NVWA. Over the years we have come across this phenomenon many times and we have gained a lot of experience in this area. 


Our bespoke services in this area are very divers. Take for example the Miami and Mexico Global Champions Tour legs. In 2016, they were scheduled with a week’s interval, as were they in 2017, but in reversed order. For these two horse shows we developed one certificate for the relevant year. We do this from our office, where we have the NVWA official check if everything is filled in correctly. We go through all the steps with the person responsible for the horse and also arrange for on-site tests for the horse from the office. This shows how we manage this process from A to Z.