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The number of horses we carry per transport differs. It depends on the horsebox we’re using and if we’re carrying directly or through shared load. The amount may vary between 1 and 18 horses. In case of a shared load odds are the horsebox is regularly full. One horsebox can contain 8 to 9 horses. If we combine this with a trailer we can carry 17 or 18 horses at once.

Types of horses

The number we can carry also depends on the type and size of the horses involved. We’ll probably fit in more small Arabians than we do harness horses. If stallions are to be moved, we will probably also downsize the number. Every transportation is unique and needs to be addressed that way. The horses are always transported separately with their head separated from other horses. But if this doesn’t suffice for a stallion, then we’d better make room. The amount of space may also depend on the horse’s purpose at the destination. You may grant a competition horse some more space prior to its performance than a horse awaiting a pasture.