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Terms of delivery

Gelissen Paardentransport BV is obliged to comply with (inter) national sanctions legislation. We use strict protocols to comply with these regulations and only accept assignments insofar as we can guarantee compliance with this legislation. we reserve the right to refuse or discontinue our services if compliance with this legislation is threatened or threatened.

  1. All our activities take place under the applicability of the latest version of the General Cattle Transport Conditions. In addition, the latest version of the General Transport Conditions applies. The arbitration clauses in both sets of conditions are expressly excluded. The CMR treaty also applies to cross-border transport.
  2. The applicable conditions include limitations on the liability of the carrier. This means, among other things, that there is only limited coverage in the event of an accident or disaster. We advise you to take out additional insurance if necessary. We will be happy to provide you with more information about this.
  3. A passport must be present for the horses to be transported, regardless of whether a horse is chipped. Costs arising from the absence of a passport are for the account of the client.
  4. If there are specificities of the horse of any nature whatsoever (for example medication or poor interaction with people, which could result in danger to man and / or horse), the client is obliged to do this, together with all other data required by Gelissen Paardentransport. information, to be reported in writing before the start of the transport.
  5. Any additional costs en route that, at Gelissen Paardentransport’s own discretion, are necessary for the well-being of the horse, such as extra stabling or a veterinarian, are for the account of the client.
  6. Costs that prevent horses from being delivered on time to the correct destination, as well as waiting times and other costs to be incurred such as telecommunications, overtime, hiring external transport companies, storage, etc., are for the account of the client. Hours of waiting time amount to € 45.00 per hour per driver.
  7. All our offers are without obligation. An agreement is only concluded through our order confirmation. * For cancellations up to 48 hours before the start of the service, the costs incurred will be charged, plus 25% of the invoice amount. If canceled within 48 hours before the start of the service, 75% of the entire invoice amount and the costs incurred must be paid.
  8. The specified freight rates and other rates are exclusive of VAT.
  9. If a quote has been made on the basis of a collective transport and there are one or more cancellations, Gelissen Paardentransport can decide to carry out the transport at a later time.
  10. In the event of force majeure on our part, our obligations are suspended.
  11. Payment of our invoices must take place within 14 days after the invoice date, but at the latest at the start of the transport. After this, 2% interest per month is due on the outstanding amount. If your payment is canceled, we will charge € 10 for costs.
  12. Dutch law applies to all activities. The court in Maastricht is exclusively competent to take cognizance of disputes arising from our work, and additionally competent in the case of international transport.
  13. The horses are stabled at the risk of the client. The client guarantees that the horses have received all periodic vaccinations and have been dewormed. Additional costs such as veterinarian and farrier are at the expense of the client. Gelissen Paardentransport is entitled to refuse horses without giving any reason and to refuse horses that are sick, cold, lame or pregnant, or have fungus or another contagious disease.
  14. If a horse becomes ill on our premises, we will charge € 25.00 per day for stabling and care of the horse, excluding veterinary costs, medication, dietary food / supplements, etc. This provision also applies if a transport ban exists or has prevailed and when there is a contagious disease at home.
  15. Unless explicitly agreed otherwise, we accept payments only from our client/debtor.
  16. Gelissen Paardentransport BV must comply with the obligations and restrictions arising from the applicable sanctions regulations of the United Nations, the European Union, the Netherlands, and any country that is or may become relevant as regards performance of the agreement that has been concluded (“sanctions legislation”). The client is obliged to provide us – whether or not requested to do so – with all information that is necessary for correct compliance with the sanctions legislation. We are entitled to suspend or discontinue our services immediately and/or to terminate an agreement with immediate effect and without judicial intervention if – in our opinion – performance of the agreement concerned can or will lead to violation of the sanctions legislation and/or if the client fails to comply with the aforementioned information obligation. Gelissen Paardentransport BV is not liable for any loss/harm that the client sustains, whether directly or indirectly, as a result of the suspension or discontinuation of our services or termination of the agreement because of violations (or potential violations) of the sanctions legislation. In such case we can also not be required to forfeit any penalty or be otherwise obliged to pay any compensation.

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